Bullet Train is committed to creating an inclusive environment that showcases the talent of our entire roster. Success comes from having participation from all seven players on the field as well as from our players on the sideline. We are committed to equity both on and off the field, across gender and race, by promoting conversations and events in the Train family as well as within the broader ultimate frisbee community.


Bullet Train is a team that values trust and support, using team building and bonding over the course of the season to become a tight-knit family. We embrace our relationship with Ghost Train, Smoke Stack, and the rest of the Train family, as this unique community of teams supports each other and makes our teams stronger. We intend to build on these relationships with our fellow Train teams to bring continued spirit and camaraderie to the entire Ultimate community.


We believe that spirited play is rooted in respect, and we hold each other to high standards of spirit. As a team we will push ourselves mentally and physically to become a cohesive unit that will compete at its highest possible potential and demonstrate awesome spirit. Bullet Train will strive to win meaningful games in all tournaments we attend and be the team that others look forward to playing. We solicit feedback from every one of our opponents via our Spirit Feedback Form.

Wait, I thought you were called Bulleit Train?

Starting with the 2020 season, we changed our name to Bullet Train to remove any implied association with the Bulleit brand, which does not align with our values.